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DialoogHuys is a boutique organisation and consultancy firm that brings together Board and C-level executives in the Netherlands and Europe, and generates new business for them. Through a unique and proven concept, we create an environment in which open dialogue, knowledge exchange and collaboration are established. This allows us to become a catalyst for innovation and progress and help businesses, organisations and institutions initiate and shape disruptive change.

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Exclusive, disruptive and creating value

The DialoogHuys team is committed to creating value in all the activities we do, for every client and for all the guests we host. In doing so, we strive to create a sense of exclusivity and specialness, with the aim of making everyone feel that they are receiving something special and unique.

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Frank Louwers - DialoogHuys

Frank Louwers


+31 (0)6 54 22 22 79

Founder and co-owner of DialoogHuys. Entrepreneur down to his core, and living proof that attention and connecting people leads to positive association, the basis for a healthy, friendly, and also business relationship. Frank also hosts executive meetings (Dialogue Tables).

Helga Mathu


+31 (0)6 30971317

Co-owner of DialoogHuys. Coach and brain therapist. Uses her knowledge and experience of organisations, leadership, parenting, neuroscience, depth psychology, and system thinking to give companies and individuals insight and direction.

Barent Momma - DialoogHuys

Barent Momma


+31 (0)6 53 72 79 48

Associate & host at diverse executive meetings (Dialogue Tables). Experienced board- and C-level executive, currently an organisational consultant, coach, and interim manager.

Marc Lagermann


+39 339 186 1802

Responsible for Dialooghuys’ meetings in Italy. Deploys his creativity, energy and experience as a welcoming host, to make connections in a casual open atmosphere. Passionate about innovation, modern leadership and sustainability.

Allister Frost


+44 (0)7 473 88 41 81

Responsible for Dialooghuys’ meetings in the UK. Allister Frost is a business transformation expert and keynote speaker with firsthand experience of thriving through radical change. With thirty years in business, he was Microsoft’s first Head of Digital Marketing Strategy and holds multiple awards for his marketing and speaking work. He specialises in helping leaders and teams rethink their relationship with change so they can identify and pursue fresh growth opportunities.


Versatile, quirky and creative

Our speakers are our capital. They make the meeting through their knowledge and expertise. They can make you think and inspire, and not infrequently beautiful innovations and views come out of this.

Paul Iske

Professor of Open Innovation & Business Venturing at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics. Is mainly concerned with service innovation and social innovation, specialising in ‘Combinatoric Innovation’.
See also Paul Iske.

Henk Volberda

Dutch business expert and professor of strategy and innovation at the University of Amsterdam. See also Henk Volberda.

Kees Klomp

Entrepreneur, consultant, TEDx speaker and author on the ‘meaning economy’ or Purpose economy. See also Kees Klomp.

Joris Arts

Employed in healthcare for 20 years. Works as a healthcare professional, healthcare manager, supervisor, and healthcare entrepreneur. The common thread running through his career is the continuous search for ways to improve care by involving patients on the one hand and using technology on the other. Has introduced several innovations for which he received, among others, the title Doctorpreneur of the Year in 2015. See also Joris Arts.

Thijs Lijster

University lecturer in the philosophy of art and culture at the University of Groningen. Author of the book “What We Have in Common”, in which he shows why it is important that we treat crucial aspects of our lives (such as living, caring, and learning) not as commodities, but as commons. “Because without commons we have nothing in common.” See also Thijs Lijster.

Jan Rotmans

Professor at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Has published several books on climate change, climate models and sustainable change. Founder of ICIS, Drift, Urgenda, and Nederland Kantelt. See also Jan Rotmans.


Glenn de Randamie is a Dutch hip-hop musician who not only shares his experiences and vision at festivals, but also on the stage as an inspirational speaker. Typhoon is a rapper, singer, speaker, inspirer and entrepreneur. Everything is connected and with trust, as Typhoon experiences life. See also Typhoon.

Stefanie van der Wiel

Videographer and producer for Jimmy Nelson, a British-Dutch photographic artist known for her work photographing indigenous peoples. See also Stefanie van der Wiel.

Karl Raats

Coach and process facilitator in business creativity. Expert in leadership, creativity & inspiration, change management and personal development. See also Karel Raats.

Herman Toch

Delved into the world of purpose and society-building entrepreneurship. Wrote two successful books: Transforming to Survive (winner PIM-Marketing Literature Prize) and Happy Profit. These days, he coaches people, companies, and organisations that link social success to self-interest. See also Herman Toch.


Our London Office

The DialoogHuys office in the United Kingdom is based in our capital city: London!
Our address is: 17 Haslemere Road, N8 9QP London

You can reach us by phone on +44 (07) 473 88 41 81
Our email address is: fleur@dialooghuys.nl

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