Constructive partnership based on trust

Sharing knowledge, expertise and skills ultimately leads to trust – the foundation for doing business. DialoogHuys brings together the right executives for you, arranges inspiring guest speakers who match the chosen topic, creates the perfect ambiance, and thereby guarantees you a successful new business approach.

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Some of our clients have written a short review about their experience with the ‘dialogue tables’.

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“Success formula for generating new business.”

The monthly Dialogue Tables promote our relationships with decision-makers in the field of marketing. We witness business being done on the spot. These are lively discussions, which we conduct on the basis of mutual trust. There is real chemistry. We aim to inspire each other, so that things are set in motion within everyone’s organisation, outside of it, or internally. Freshworks does only even occupy a central position here, but we do create the conditions for this to happen.
We offer our connections a platform, wherein sharing knowledge and relationships is key. This initiates change. This effect underlines our conviction that it is not governments or individuals, but companies that are best placed to shape impactful changes in society. This offers opportunities, but it is also a responsibility.
The added value of DialoogHuys is woven throughout the entire programme. From the invitation process to the event itself. And from the catering to the handover to our sales organisation. This makes them an integrated partner, in what we call our ‘Executive Experience Strategy’.

Koen Rakers

Freshworks – EMEA Marketing Director

Success formula for generating new business”
We use the DialoogHuys table meetings to deepen existing relationships and to introduce prospects to the fascinating and rapidly changing world of health and healthcare.
Wonderful debates take place around the table about developments that affect society and companies and all the people in them. These are magnificent evenings with excellent food, and they are superbly arranged. Our guests always enjoy being there. I call it: a business inspiration with a culinary aftertaste.
This ambiance allows me, as an employee of the VGZ, to work on relationship management and sales in a different way. It’s selling without selling. Through sincere attention, shared interests, and trust, you can create the conditions in which someone wants to buy something from you. And we really like that.

Frank Elion

Lid Executive Committee – Coöperatie VGZ



Guest speakers as a source of inspiration and knowledge

The challenges faced by companies, organisations and institutions are discussed and debated on the basis of topics during our executive meetings (Dialogue Tables). Below is a selection of the topics that, led by a guest speaker, have been discussed in recent years.

Regenerative businesses. As a company, how do you go about giving back to the world? And how do you ensure that everyone in the organisation is able to contribute?

Moral dilemmas in the boardroom. Results often seem to be the only value the board applies. Where is the moral compass and what is its importance?

ESG and greenwashing. The importance of the right strategy.

Quality of healthcare. How to we continue to guarantee quality?

Tension on the labour market. Is there still any use recruiting?

Trust in government. A task for the business world?

Social innovation. How do we turn vision into action?

Customer focus in the new digital world. How do I reach my customer?

Innovation and behaviour. What type of leadership creates the right environment?


A platform for developing new business initiatives

Over the years, DialoogHuys has built up a network of over 1500 executives at Board and C-level. This network is a close-knit community with a common interest: sharing knowledge, know-how and expertise in order to create connections.



The dialogue starts here!

Are you looking for new business, a way to increase your market share, or are you seeking strategic partnerships? Please enter your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible. You are also welcome to call us directly.

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Atmosphere is critical to success

The executive meetings (Dialogue Tables) are organised at Trivet Restaurant in London.

Trivet has recently been crowned with its second Michelin star and offers a perfect space to establish new connections.

See Trivet

Private Dining, Trivet Restaurant

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